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Your own TSeeker maps!

Soo… as Belar mentioned some time ago I decided to continue developing my Treasure Seeker. Or at least add some features to it. I have some in my sleeve, but first some fixes requested in comments: more levels, and key binding (it’s difficult to order follower around without numpad keys). And for that I decided to use *.ini file to save config, and provide possibility of creating levels. Read more

Ludum Dare – Treasure Seeker post mortem~!


It’s post mortem time~! I really need to post this. Ludum Dare was my fist real compo, and Treasure Seeker (or TSeeker for short) is my first ‘original’ idea… soo… I’m quite excited and all ^__^

You can download it and play here it’s just 3 levels about five minutes long, but hope you’ll like it anyway. Also – if you participated in Ludum Dare I’d be grateful if you rate (:
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