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If you’re interested what I’m curently doing, and what’ll bring the future here’s little roadmap about my project and features for them!


  1. MortyMan! – pacman clone I’m writing in javascript and Check it’s homepage!framework.
  2. Allegro tutorial – small (but I hope complete in future!) guide to programming games in Allegro games library focused on learning by making games. Chapters to go:
    • Getting started – small chapter about setting allegro for Visual Studio, and simple hello world application
    • Memory – simple match-a-pair game to get comfortable with using mouse in allegro
    • Reverse – another mouse-only game. Simple move to given point. It’s goal is to get comfortable with collision detection and more ‘dynamic’ games than simple puzzle.
  3. Treasure Seeker – puzzle game about ghosts digging underground in search of magic calice. It’s code is on my github profile. Some features you can wait for:
    • Custom key bindings
    • Music and SFX
    • More levels!
  4. Dhol’Anul – my collaboration game with FeniX (coding and most music) and Belar (graphics). It’ll be a turn squad tactic game written in Phaser. My features:
    • Inventory!

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