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Drag and drop menu with JQuery UI

It’s quite simple, but since how-to questions are popular here’s little tutorial. Read more

Waiting for a loop in node.js

Another short battlefield report.

I know it’s quite against node.js way of coding, but I really needed to implement two synchronous loops, where one waits for another. Read more

Using jsdom module with jQuery site.

Jsdom is helpful implementation of DOM for node.js. It’s great to do some server-side html generation with jQuery, but there’s a little problem when working with site that already use jQuery.

Consider a scenario:
-> UML creating tool with html5 & jQuery UI, with account system.
-> We want an onload list of projects owned by or shared with user.
-> List is stored on db.
Read more

Cookies via http requests and headers.

Okay, my silence becomes annoying. I know that thesis is important but…

Well… I plan to detail it later, when it’s finally complete so todays note is just a teaser, and some kind of news from battleground. Read more