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Hu T.C. Algorithm

An O(n) complex algorithm for solving P | pi=1, in-tree | Cmax problems.
Used to sequence jobs in parallel systems, when all jobs have processing time of 1 unit and precedence defined by in-tree. Read more

Longest and Reverse Processing Time Algorithms

Two simplest algorithms for parallel systems: Longest Processing Time and Reverse Processing Time with Cmax criteria, that gives approximate solution. Read more

FIFO for one mashine sequencing

Simplest possible sequencing alhorithm that utilizes good ol’ Fist-In-Fist-Out queue is used to solve one mashine problems with Cmaxcriteria for jobs with specific relase time. It’s complexity is O(N log N). Read more

Johnson’s sequencing Algorithm

One of the most basics sequencing algorithms that produce optimal sequence for Cmax criteria (maximum completion time) on Flow-shop system 2 and 3 processors without bottle neck and Proc2 dominated by 1st or 3rd. It’s complexity is O(N log N). Read more